Welcome to Vet Visions

Our goal: Innovative educational software for veterinarians, technicians and veterinary students.

Jonathan M. Naylor, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

We produce educational software (multimedia books on CD) for veterinarians, veterinary students, educators, and owners. At Vet Visions we believe that words are not sufficient to describe auscultation findings or to convey clinical techniques with a strong audio or visual component. We are leaders in the recording, interpretation and display of sounds and in the application of technology to assist learning.

Our books are some of the first of their kind, are built on sound educational principles, and are backed by controlled trials proving their superiority as learning tools.

Our products are mainly large animal and skills oriented. They make extensive use of multimedia so clinical findings and techniques can be conveniently and repeatedly accessed to improve veterinarians’ skills. Our products include multimedia books, case simulations, and computer assisted guides for common veterinary techniques. For small animal oriented veterinary students and technicians we host Canine Cardiology: A multimedia guide to canine cardiac auscultation. Some of our
products are specifically developed for entry level veterinarians and veterinary students in their clinical years. They will also be useful to veterinarians taking the Clinical Competency Exam of the ECFVG.

The Art of Equine Medicine

The Art of Equine Medicine is our latest book, replacing the highly successful Art of Equine Auscultation. New features include a comprehensive medicine text with images, sound recordings, and video of all the important clinical findings. It is a new approach to learning based on the concept that words are not sufficient. A growing body of veterinary and medical evidence shows that the interpretation of sounds and complex movements can only be learnt though repeated listening and viewing. The Art of Equine Medicine offers over 750 images, video clips, and sound recordings in a conveniently accessible format. It also includes a dosage calculator to facilitate appropriate treatment. Like the Art of Bovine Auscultation, the Art of Equine Medicine is suitable for both entry level and skilled veterinarians.

Techniques in Equine Medicine is our latest procedures CD. It covers transtracheal wash, abdominal tap, pleurocentesis, and obtaining CSF fluid. It uses the same proven approaches pioneered in Passing a Nasogastric Tube in the Horse.

“This personal computer, interactive software, is an excellent example of how veterinary continuing education continues to evolve.”

Can Vet J 37:750, 1996.